Summary Advice from Queens Counsel – The Case to Prosecute


Appetiser (from Professor bob Watt)

Below you will find a link to the Summary Advice from our legal team. We publish it in accordance with our commitment to transparency, without damaging our case. What does it show?

1. The election law fully supports our contention.

2. That an eminent criminal law QC believes that we have a potentially winnable case.

3. We need to raise the money to fully review and investigate the evidence, and to put it into the right form to go to a court to start the prosecution.  This is the purpose of the stretch target.

4. We can only take the final decision to proceed on the basis of legal advice.

What are we doing? 

As donations are made here we are using every penny (after meeting modest charges from CrowdJustice) to review and prepare evidence. At the moment there is one major piece of evidence which was not available in October when we complained to the DPP. We believe that this will be very damaging to our intended defendant(s) and the legal team is reviewing it with forensic care. As more money comes in we will switch our focus to the other evidence projects – obtaining witness statements.

In the meantime, you can help us RIGHT NOW with one more of those. We have evidence that some people who voted leave did so on the basis of false claims by the Campaign – the £350M and the NHS logo for example. Do you know anyone who would be prepared to make a witness statement to that effect and say how they now feel? This is a point of evidence which only strengthens our case – we do not actually need to show that anyone was duped or influenced – but it would be helpful. Newspaper reports – of which we have more than enough – are not sufficient. Please email us any information at

Most importantly though, you can help us through your donations encouraging your friends to donate through word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook etc.

THANKS again, both for your time and money.

Main Course (from Richard Clayton QC and Collingwood Thompson QC, 7 Bedford Row Chambers) 

PDF: Summary Advice to Restoring Integrity to Democracy