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Our group “Restoring Integrity” is a small group of UK citizens who are seeking to restore integrity to the UK democratic process following the 2016 EU Referendum campaigning, by ensuring that UK electoral law – if broken – is upheld.

Our case addresses allegations that the conduct of the Vote Leave referendum campaign was unlawful, and has led to an ongoing deepening of public division.  The case seeks to safeguard the UK’s democratic process by securing criminal prosecution of individuals believed to have made false representations knowing they might be untrue or misleading. The CrowdJustice page is here:

Specifically, the allegations of corrupt practice involve five separate grounds of “Undue Influence” by the Vote Leave campaign. These include:

  • Continued reference to the UK sending the EU £350 million pounds per week, despite this crucial figure having been formally discredited by the Office for National Statistics and others
  • High profile, unsubstantiated claims that “Turkey Is Joining the EU”, and ‘soon’
  • Misrepresentation of organisations and individuals as supporting Leave, such as Airbus, GE and Unilever, and politicians such as SNP MP Stephen Gethins and Green Party leader Caroline Lucas

Following detailed review, on 24th October 2016 we submitted a letter, accompanied by evidence across six separate grounds, to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders CB.  The evidence provided relates to the Vote Leave and Leave.EU referendum campaigns.

On 20th December, we received a letter informing the DPP’s decision not to institute proceedings. In arriving at that decision, it is our belief that the DPP / CPS have not only formed their own, controversial interpretation of the s115(2)(b) legislation, but also importantly have not considered a key 2006 amendment to the law. Our expert team maintains that the claims have merit, and that the legal arguments and evidence in support of s115(2)(b) are a matter which must be reserved for a Court and jury to consider.

On the 7th April we launch our first phase of CrowdJustice funding to procure a fully Independent Queens Counsel Opinion.  The campaign successfully completed the fund-raising required in just over one week.

The Counsel opinion we have now received IS supportive of bringing the case, and therefore we are now raising further funds to commence private prosecution.  

If corrupt campaigning practices are not investigated and prosecuted when they have occurred then the UK’s system of free and fair democracy is seriously threatened and a dangerous precedent is set.

We also believe that the perceived injustices being raised lie at the heart of ongoing reluctance by many to accept the referendum result, and a deepening of public divisions following the campaigns.

In seeking prosecution if and where serious wrongdoing has occurred, ours is a cause for everyone in the UK irrespective of their politics.  It is about restoring integrity to our democratic process, both for now and for the future.  And whatever the outcome, if properly handled we expect these proceedings to help to heal the divide by ensuring a fair hearing of the issues.

It will be for both the public and politicians to decide what import to put upon these proceedings. This site will continue provide more information on the issues being raised, and updates on the case.

Please check regularly for updates and also follow us at: