CrowdJustice Campaign Update – 14th April

This morning marks one week since we launched our CrowdJustice case, seeking £9,900 to procure the fully independent QC opinion from leading chambers.

Of course it’s not just an “opinion” we are procuring, it is a venerable and learned reading of the law by leading chambers, which will take at least a few weeks.  Because of the public interest, they have offered to do this for a fraction of their normal commercial rates and on a capped fees basis, of no more than £7,500+VAT.  The rest covers a small fee to the CrowdJustice website.

If we didn’t procure it (and be prepared to accept the answer may not be what we want to hear) then it wouldn’t really be independent, and equally it wouldn’t really carry any sway in getting key legal and constitutional law commentators publicly on side.

We have been overwhelmed by the public response.  Without the aid of any press article (this isn’t newsworthy just yet), just through word of mouth and social media, at the time of writing we have attracted over £6,000 in small donations from individuals and a couple of small businesses.

We would like to thank all of the case backers for their generosity, and for supporting this action to fight for the future of UK democracy.

As bob rather succinctly put it yesterday, “if we cannot hold these dishonest people to account, then our political system is worthless”.